Magashi Camp | The True Definition of Luxury

Imagine waking up to the beautiful views of a lake after having a comfortable night in one of Rwanda’s finest national parks, well this is what the luxurious Magashi Camp offers while you are on safari in Rwanda. Located in the north eastern section of Akagera National Park, the camp is one of the best accommodation facilities in the park and is situated along the shores of the stunning Lake Rwanyakazinga which is part of the diverse Eco system of Akagera.

View of Lake Rwanyakazinga from the camp

Magashi Camp is the perfect blend of luxury and wilderness tranquility with refreshing views of Lake Rwanyakazinga making it the perfect safari lodge to stay at while on safari in Akagera National Park. Akagera National Park which is the only savanna park in Rwanda  is home to the Big Five in Rwanda, this makes it a great destination for visitors looking to experience game viewing in Rwanda. The park is home to over 8000 mammals and over the years the population density of animals in the park has increased. This is great for Rwanda’s conservation and testament to the amazing work Rwanda has done towards conserving wildlife especially after the effects of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide on the national park. A noticeable conservation effort for the park was the re-introduction of Lions in 2015 and Black Rhinos in 2017.

Akagera national park is very accessible as it is just a 2 hours’ drive from Kigali city making it a perfect destination for a one day tour or two day wildlife safari while staying at Magashi Camp.

Facilities and Services at Magashi Camp

Magashi Lounge – Dubbed with earthy tone décor and colorful Rwandan art pieces, the Magashi lounge is a perfect place to relax and unwind especially after spending the day on long game drives in Akagera National Park. Here at the Lounge you can sit, relax, read a book and order a drink from the bar. The lounge overlooks the scenic Akagera Park and since Magashi Camp often receives visitors like the elephants and hippos, on a lucky day you might spot some wildlife around the lounge area.

Dining Area – The camp’s dining area serves fresh and delicious meals for guests and the food is heartily prepared by the professional chefs at Magashi Camp. The dining area serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. On some days while staying at the camp the staff will put together what is known as the “Kugisha dinner” which is served with a collection of traditional stories and songs, a wonderful way to spend an evening at the camp!

Lunch at Magashi Camp

Bar Area – The lodge has a bar that is situated at the lodge’s main area serving an assortment of drinks from beers to wine to spirits to soft drinks. Guests are free to order drinks of their choice from the bar man and mixologist.

Outdoor Wooden Deck – This is one of the camp’s most attractive features as it has a lovely view of Lake Rwanyakazinga and the scenic landscape of the park, here one can relax and chill by the fire pit especially in the evenings.

Reception – Magashi Camp features a reception area which is the first place you encounter as you approach the lodge’s main area. Here guests are welcomed to the camp, can ask questions and are also taken through a short briefing before being taken to their respective tents. A receptionist is always available in case you need anything throughout your stay.

Other Services at the Lodge include a car parking area and maximum security.

Accommodation at Magashi Camp

Magashi Camp has eight spacious and comfortable tents. All the tents are spread out across the property and each of the tents overlooks the Lake. The tents are spacious, luxurious and comfortable with a touch of African inspired décor.

One of the tents at Magashi Camp

Each Tent at Magashi Camp consists of;

En-suite bathroom with a toilet, a shower, a sink, a mirror, shampoo, lotion, shower gel and bathing soap.

Hot running water is available throughout the day.

Comfortable wooden beds with clean linen and mosquito nets.

A separate section with a wooden reading table with a reading lamp and chair for guests that would like to sit on their computers.

A tea/coffee station.

Complimentary drinking water.

A mini closet for guest’s clothes.

Bath robes and slippers.

A patio outside the tent with stunning views of the lake and chairs for relaxing while you take in the beauty of Akagera National Park.

Attractions and Activities to do while staying at Magashi Camp 

There is so much to do while one is staying at Magashi Camp as Akagera National Park is a wildlife hub and rich in diversity.

Top Things to do while staying at the camp include;

Game Drives: Going on game drives is the best way to spend your time in Akagera National Park while on Safari. The park offers full day game drives that include morning, afternoon and evening game drives to look out for nocturnal species like bush pigs, civets and porcupines. The morning game drive is the most ideal as you set out in to the park very early in the morning catch the sunrise over the undulating plains and then start to look out for wildlife such as elephants, Burchell’s zebra, elephants, lions, leopard, buffaloes, black rhinos, water bucks, oribi, sitatunga, common duikers, honey badger, topis, giraffes, warthogs, olive baboons among others.

Wildlife seen while on a game drive in the park

Bird watching: For the specialist birder Akagera National Park offers wonderful birding opportunities so while at the lodge you can plan for a birding excursion. Akagera is an Important Bird Area (IBA) and is home to over 750 species of birds offering incredible bird sightings while on a birding in Rwanda Safari. The most sought after birds while in Akagera include the Red-faced Barbet, White-collared Oliveback, and the Ruaha Chat.

Boat Ride on Lake Rwanyakazinga: The lake is popular for its large concentration of hippos and abundance of water birds. A boat ride on the lake is best done in the afternoon as you look out for water birds, wildlife and some raptor species that like to perch on long trees on the lake showers.

Boat ride in Akagera National Park

Guided Nature Walks: Nature walks in the park is one of the alternative ways to explore the park on foot. In the guidance of a park guide and ranger guide, you set out into the park in search of wildlife, bird species and stop over to look at animal foot prints while walking. The nature walk also offers an opportunity to have expansive views of the park and this often calls for photography moments of the scenery. The nature walk is about two to three hours long.

Community Tours: While at the lodge you can opt for a community tour that gives you a look in to the way of life of the locals. The tribal groups in the communities are majorly cattle keepers and the tour gives you a glimpse in to their way of life that involves milking the long horned cows, making traditional dishes and visiting their farms.

Behind the Scenes Experience: This is an activity that gives you an in depth experience of how Akagera National Park is managed. You will meet with the park staff and rangers who will tell you how they manage the park, the conservation efforts in place, the protection of the park environment, and how their daily activities are executed.

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