Acacia Mall – Kampala’s Top City Mall

Located in Uganda’s most vibrant city you find Acacia Mall which is one of the best malls in the city. Acacia Mall is quite popular among city dwellers in Kampala, expatriates and visitors on safari in Uganda simply because it’s strategically located and easily accessible from areas like Kololo, Bukoto, Mawanda road, Ntinda and Wandegeya. Acacia mall depending on what hotel or Airbnb you are staying can be walking distance or a 5-10 minute drive away from the places mentioned.

The mall is large enough with a number of restaurants to eat at and shopping centres where you can grab anything that you would like. Acacia mall also has forex bureaus where one can exchange money so is usually a great stop before beginning your Uganda safari as you can stop by and exchange your money to Ugandan shillings for easy transactions.

Top restaurants/cafes at Acacia Mall

There a number of restaurants at Acacia mall so the choice of restaurant to eat at is fully dependent on your interests. Below are the restaurants we highly recommend if you decide to visit the mall;

Cafesserie Acacia Mall

Located right at the main entrance to the mall, Cafesserie is the best cafe at the mall with an airy ambiance and stunning interior. You can get the best coffee here as it is carefully sourced by the team and the head baristas do know how to make a great cup of coffee. Being a café the menu at Cafesserie is limited however you can still get some good food off the menu. The menu at the café is a la carte style and a number of options are available that include pizzas, burgers, pasta meals, chicken meals, curry meals as well as vegetarian options.

Caffesserie Acacia Mall is also known for its outside ice cream shop which sells different ice cream flavours that include chocolate, strawberry, mint, coffee and caramel. This is arguably the place with the best ice cream at Acacia mall. The food here costs between Ugx.30,000 – Ugx.70,000. The ice cream is currently at Ugx.9000 per scoop. These are the current prices but they are however subject to change.

Inside Cafesserie Acacia Mall

Nawab Asian Bistro

Nawab Asian Bistro is situated at the top floor of Acacia Mall and is an Asian restaurant so you will get a taste of Indian and Chinese dishes here. The restaurant has a cool ambiance with an outdoor patio that offers a stunning extensive view of Kampala city, perfect for an evening meet up or date as you enjoy the sunset. Their menu involves a number of options that include butter chicken, naan bread, tikka masala, rice dishes, dumplings, vegetable snacks, soups, tasty dessert, fresh juices, milk shakes, French fries, cocktails and pizzas. The food here costs between Ugx.28,000 – Ugx.60,000.

Chicken Pizza ordered while at Nawab Asian Bistro


The Food Hub

The Food hub is one of the most affordable places to eat at the mall. The food hub is arranged in a way that different restaurants are set up in a hall like arrangement with a central sitting place. The food hub has an outside patio as well with seats for clients who would like to sit outside. The restaurants here serve Chinese food, Indian food, Fast food that includes chips, burgers and pizzas as well as an ice cream shop that is on your right side as you enter the Food hub. Tea, juices and other drinks are served as well. The prices of food at the Food hub range from Ugx.15,000 – Ugx.50,000. There is also a restaurant that specifically deals in food platters that work well for families and large groups of people, the platters range from Ugx.70,000 – Ugx. 120,000 depending on the number of people the platter intends to feed.

Inside Acacia Mall

Caramel Lounge and Café

Caramel Lounge and Café is a beautiful well-lit lounge that is perfect for lunch, dinner, breakfast or drinks with friends. The lounge is well known for their great cocktails made by the mixologists at the bar. The food here is good as well and their menu is quite extensive with options that include chicken, goat’s meat, beef, fish and some middle-eastern meals like shawarma meals. The food price ranges from Ugx.35,000 – Ugx.80,000. Caramel Lounge has an inside section and outside section so you can decide to sit wherever you feel comfortable. The lounge also sells freshly baked bread and ice cream in one of the sections.

Sweet and Spicy chicken ordered while at Caramel Cafe and lounge

Top Places to shop at Acacia Mall

Acacia mall also doubles as a great place to shop as it features a number of shopping centres that include;

LC Waikiki

LC Waikiki is a clothing store that recently opened at the mall so is a great place to shop for clothes. The store has men’s wear, women’s wear and children clothes as well as shoes. You will be spoilt for choice once you walk into the shop as t-shirts, trousers, dresses, swimsuits, sweaters and different kinds of shoes are available. LC Waikiki also works well for visitors on safari in Uganda as they can be able to purchase some light clothing as the national parks sometimes get hot during the dry season so we usually recommend light clothes.

LC Waikiki Clothing Store

Carrefour Hypermarket

Carrefour is a chain of supermarkets in East Africa with outlets in Uganda and Kenya. Carrefour is the main and only supermarket at the mall, here you can shop groceries, toiletries and drinks so it works well for visitors staying in an Airbnb in the surrounding areas. The supermarket is well stocked and has different sections that make your shopping area smooth. Carrefour in addition has a bakery inside the supermarket where you can buy freshly baked bread and other pastries. In addition there is a meat section where one can purchase different kinds of meats. The supermarket is situated on the ground floor.

Carrefour Hypermarket aisle

Woolworths and Mr. Price

Woolworths and Mr. Price are both clothing stores with a variety of clothes. The difference between the two clothing stores is that Woolworths is higher end while Mr. Price is a more affordable brand that stems from South Africa. Both sell women and men’s wear as well as children’s clothes. Mr. Price has a bedding section which works for expatriates, locals and permanent visitors who would like to purchase things for the home like bed sheets, pillow, mattress covers, duvets and bed covers. Mr. Price also has a décor section with beautiful items that can brighten up the appearance of your home.

In addition to the above main places Acacia Mall has a pharmacy present, make up shops (MAC studio make up shop and a Maybelline New York stall), a cinema that shows current movies, a jewelry shop and an electronics shop. Airtel and MTN which are the main telecommunications providers in Uganda also have service centers at the mall, if you need to purchase a SIM card they will help with that.

Areas near Acacia Mall

  1. Kololo (5-10 minutes’ drive)
  2. Bukoto (10 minutes’ drive)
  3. Mawanda Road (5 minutes’ drive)
  4. Ntinda (15-20 minutes’ drive)
  5. Wandegeya (15 minutes’ drive)

Things to do if staying near Acacia Mall

Visitors to Uganda staying around Acacia Mall may wonder what to do to make their stay in Uganda worthwhile, well you can decide to go on a 1 Day Jinja tour or a 1 Day Mabamba Birding tour. If you have more days to spare you can go on a 2 Day Lake Mburo Wildlife Safari or a 3 Days Queen Elizabeth National Park Wildlife Safari.

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