2000 Hotel Downtown Kigali

Located in the midst of Kigali city, 2000 Hotel Downtown Kigali is a budget hotel facility that offers comfortable accommodation in the midst of Kigali and can be a great option for day one while on your Rwanda Safari. The lodge is accessible from Kigali International Airport as it is just a 15 minutes’ drive from the airport. The hotel offers a perfect blend of a budget hotel price wise with a mix of comfort ability.

2000 Hotel Downtown Kigali is situated right on KN 82 Street and is a short walk away from shopping centers, city restaurants, banks and money exchanging bureaus. The hotel is right for someone who would like to stay in an accessible hotel in the midst of town as you can walk to almost all the important landmarks and centers, the drives are also rather short.

A deluxe room at 2000 Hotel Kigali


Accommodation at 2000 Hotel Downtown Kigali

The hotel has different types of rooms available and these include double deluxe rooms, standard rooms, single occupancy rooms, family rooms and spacious suites.

Each room at the hotel consists of

En-suite bathroom with a toilet, a shower, a sink, a mirror, shampoo, lotion, shower gel and bathing soap.

Hot running water is available throughout the day.

Comfortable large beds with warm and clean linen .

A coffee and tea station with sugar, an electric kettle, tea leaves and coffee.

A small fridge that has some fizzy drinks and drinking water.

A table and chair for guests that would like to work on their computers.

A bathrobe and bathroom slippers.

A bedside lamp on both sides and charging sockets by the bedside in case one needs to charge up their devices.

A reasonably sized closet for storing clothes.

A flat iron and an ironing board.

Desk phone by the bedside for making calls to the reception in case you need anything.

Below is a detailed video of a room tour at 2000 Hotel Downtown Kigali;

Facilities and Services

Reception – The hotel features a reception area which is the first place you encounter as you approach the ground floor at the hotel. Here guests are welcomed to the hotel, can ask questions and are also taken through a short briefing before being taken to their respective rooms. A receptionist is always available in case you need anything throughout your stay.

Dining Area – Since the hotel is located in the midst of the city center some guests prefer to try out the different restaurants in the surrounding areas since most of the restaurants are within walking distance. However the hotel building has an Asian fusion restaurant on the 5th floor of the building called the Bamboo Rooftop restaurant that mainly serves Chinese food and has an al carte menu as well. The hotel staff can direct you to the restaurant and it serves a delicious buffet breakfast. The restaurant is spacious and since it’s at the rooftop it offers such stunning views of Kigali city, the restaurant also has bar area that serves great cocktails and other drinks. Other restaurants in the area include Ki-Asili resto bar and fast food restaurant and the house of Mandi restaurant.

Dinner at Bamboo Rooftop Restaurant

Spa and wellness center – 2000 Hotel Kigali has a spa and wellness center that offers massage, body treatments and steam baths. The hotel has trained professional massage therapist at the center.

Other Services at the hotel include daily housekeeping, baby sitting service at a fee, car parking area, emergency backup generator and maximum security.

Top things to do in Kigali while staying at 2000 Hotel Downtown Kigali

There are a number of things that one can do while staying at the hotel as Kigali city is dotted with a number of attractions and sites to visit and these include;

Visit to Kigali Genocide memorial

The Kigali genocide memorial is a 19 minutes’ drive from 2000 Hotel Kigali making it accessible for a visit. The Kigali genocide memorial is a center that is situated amidst Kigali City which is Rwanda’s capital and was set up in remembrance of the Rwandan genocide and dedicated to the victims of the massacre against the Tutsi in Rwanda. The Rwandan genocide happened during the Rwandan Civil war in 1994, the genocide against the Tutsi occurred between 7th April 1994 and 15th July 1994. This was a period filled with massive bloodshed as armed Hutu militias killed the Tutsi who were a minority ethnic group of Rwanda. Victims were targeted by their fellow neighbors, villagers and Hutu gangs that sought them out in their homes and villages. The Kigali Genocide Memorial visit takes you through the history of the genocide, the civil war and to the resting site of the genocide victims where one can pay their respects. The visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial can get emotional for visitors but is an important way to learn more about the past events that occurred in Rwanda. Kigali is best explored on a 1 Day Kigali City Tour. 

Visit Kandt House Museum of National History

The Kandt Museum is the perfect site to visit for a glimpse in to the culture and history of the Rwandan people. The museum formerly known as the Natural History museum is situated in Kigali city and is filled with artefacts and Rwanda’s natural resources. The museum is best explored with a site guide but even without one you can still learn about the history as most of the writings are framed and seen hanging next to the museum items for example if a section of the museum contains tools that Rwandans used during ancient times to hunt there will be a frame with writings detailing what each tool was used for and the history attached to the tools. The Kandt House Museum is named after the German administrator Richard Kandt who lived and worked in Rwanda during the colonial period, the museum is therefore an important site showcasing the history of Rwanda. The museum also has a reptile park in the same compound as the museum that hosts snakes and Nile crocodiles that are available to visitors interested in watching them.

Ritah one of our Safari Specialists at the Kandt Museum in Kigali

Visit Ivuuka Arts Studio

This is an art gallery in Kigali city that is locally owned and features beautiful work of talented artists from Rwanda. The art work is based on different creativity points of the artists and some of the artwork tells stories of their country, life and emotions so it’s a nice way to spend an afternoon at the studio immersed in the beauty of their art. Different pieces of art are available for purchase if that is of interest to visitors.

Shopping at Haute Baso

Haute Baso is a fashion brand store located in Kigali city Rwanda with the goal to make ethical African inspired designs. The fashion store is a great place to visit at the beginning or end of your Rwanda safari to purchase some souvenirs. The fashion store offers unique pieces including home décor items, clothes, jewelry, bags, unique baskets and unique accessories. All the items at the store are designed and made in Rwanda so you are sure to leave with a piece of Rwanda in your collection.

2000 Hotel Downtown Kigali is a perfect hotel facility and what makes it stand out is its accessibility and affordability, it also makes for a perfect hotel if looking to stay in the midst of a city center while in Rwanda.

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