Ubumwe Grande Hotel – Situated right in the heart of Kigali City

A four star hotel situated in the heart of Kigali city and one of Rwanda’s best hotel, Ubumwe Grande Hotel offers one a perfect blend of comfort and modern chic hotel. Ubumwe Grande Hotel features comfortable, cozy and elegant rooms with all key amenities in the room. The hotel is not only known for great accommodation but is also known for its stunning rooftop restaurant with beautiful views of Kigali city.

Ubumwe Grande Hotel is located on KN 67 St, Kigali Rwanda and is a 15 minutes’ drive away from Kigali International Airport which is Rwanda’s major international airport. The hotel’s proximity to the airport is perfect for visitors arriving to Rwanda for safari as it makes for a perfect base for the first night before heading out into Rwanda’s national parks. The hotel is also great for business travelers in Rwanda for business or other work engagements.

Accommodation at Ubumwe Grande Hotel

The hotel features different types of rooms that include classic rooms, deluxe rooms, junior suites, one bedroom and two bedroom apartments. The rooms at Ubumwe Grande Hotel are well lit with modern room décor so they give off a feel of a modern hotel.

Each room at Ubumwe Grande Hotel features comfortable beds, clean linen sheets, e-suite bathroom with a flush toilet and bath essentials, a reading desk and chair, bed side lamps, bedside tables, Satellite T.V, a mosquito net, and a clothes rack. The rooms at the hotel are quite spacious with large windows and balcony doors that let in enough natural light.

Facilities and Services at the hotel

Infinity Swimming Pool – The hotel features a stunning rooftop swimming pool with sun loungers and pool attendants in the area. The pool is great to relax and take a swim especially after a long day.

Roof top Bar and Grill – The roof top offers breath taking views of Kigali city, the bar also has a restaurant that offers an array of tasty meals. The bar and grill is rather active with events like live music bands and barbecue nights so of you like active nights Ubumwe’s bar is a great spot.

Fitness centre – Ubumwe Grande Hotel features a fitness center with a gym that is fully equipped with great gym equipment like treadmills, stationary bikes and other machines so if you are up for a work out you can visit the gym when it’s convenient for you.

Conference Center – The hotel has 6 conference center with seating capacity of 400 people, the centers are great for business travelers, organizations and companies that would like to hold meetings, work dinners, seminars or conferences while staying in one accommodation facility. Comfortable chairs, projectors, projection screen, flip charts and conference essentials like notebooks and pens are available.

Other services include ample car parking space, Wi-Fi, and maximum security available 24 hours a day.

Our Review

Despite being known as a four star hotel, we consider Ubumwe Grande Hotel a mid-range property on our end mainly because of the amenities and general hotel environment. We recommend it as a good hotel for guests who would like a hotel that is in close proximity to all the major centers in Kigali city as a lot of the city landmarks can be accessed on foot from the hotel.

For our guests who would like an accommodation that is more personal, laid back and quiet we usually recommend other accommodations as Ubumwe Grande Hotel is a large property with an active and modern hotel setting.

Top things to while staying at Ubumwe Grande Hotel

Rwanda is a rich country with so much to offer and experience, while staying at Ubumwe Grande Hotel you can choose to experience Rwanda by going on excursions in the surrounding areas.

You can choose to go on a 1 Day Kigali city excursion which takes you to key attractions in the city like the Kigali Genocide Memorial, the Kandt Museum,the Belgian Peace makers’ memorial and other attractions within the city.

Kigali Convention Center – one of the attractions you visit while on the city tour

If you have more time in Rwanda you can go on a 1 Day Akagera National Park Tour or a 2 Days Akagera Wildlife Safari , Akagera National Park is the only savanna park in Rwanda and it offers incredible wildlife sightings. Akagera National Park is also home to the Big Five in Rwanda.

Wildlife in Akagera National Park seen while on a game drive.


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