Twin Lakes Safari Lodge

Located in the heart of Queen Elizabeth National Park, Twin Lakes safari lodge is a stunning mid-range accommodation facility that offers guests comfort-ability while on their wildlife safari in Uganda. The lodge has expansive views of Queen Elizabeth national park with the most magnificent view being by the lodge’s pool side area. Imagine spending the day on a game drive in one of East Africa’s finest savanna park and then end it having a glass of wine by the poolside overlooking the national park, this experience is exactly what Twin Lakes Safari Lodge offers its guests.

The lodge is located in western Uganda in the Bunyaruguru Crater area and is accessible from Kampala city. It’s a seven hour drive from Kampala to Twin Lakes safari lodge and the drive takes you through the lush green landscape of Uganda and gives one a glimpse into the life of the locals as you drive past the small busy towns.
Twin Lakes safari lodge is the perfect base for a wildlife safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park as one is assured of a comfortable stay and relaxing time while on a Uganda safari. The lodge is also perfect as it tends to honey moon guests, couples and families together on safari.

Facilities and Services

The Restaurant – Twin lakes safari lodge has a dining area that serves scrumptious meals and the breakfast is a delicious one and a perfect way to start your day as you look forward to having an amazing time in Queen Elizabeth national park. The restaurant also has an al-a-carte menu and caters to dietary requirements as vegetarian and vegan meals are prepared at the restaurant.

Swimming Pool – the lodge has a great swimming pool that overlooks the park, take a dive in the pool after a day’s activities to relax the body. The swimming pool area is also a great place to relax and read a book.

Bar – the safari lodge has a bar area that features alcoholic beverages from wines to spirits to beers. The mixologist is available to make guests amazing cocktails while at the lodge. For a taste of Ugandan alcohol brands you can order for Uganda Waragi or Nile Special beer, a refreshing beer brand.

Safe for valuables – Twin Lakes safari lodge has a safe that is available upon request at the main reception areas. In case a guest is not comfortable storing their valuables in their room the staff can keep the items in the safe at the reception.

Other services at the lodge include Wi-Fi, room service, car parking area, electricity and maximum security.

Accommodation at Twin Lakes Safari Lodge

The lodge has a total of nine cottages that is inclusive of one family cottage that caters to families and is an interconnecting room. The lodge offers different rooming options that include double rooms, twin rooms, single rooms and luxurious honey moon suites.

Each cottage at Twin Lakes safari lodge consists of;

  • A comfortable wooden bed with clean linen and comfortable linen bed sheets. Each bed has a mosquito net hang over it.
  • En-suite bathroom with a toilet, shower, a wash bowl, shampoo, lotion, shower gel and bathing soap.
  • Hot shower available throughout the day.
  • A private veranda with stunning views of Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Edward, Lake George or the Rwenzori Mountain Ranges.
  • Complimentary mineral water for drinking.
  • Bedside lamps on both ends of the bed and a comfortable cushion chair for sitting on while in the room.
  • A reading desk and chair.

Attractions and Activities to do while at Twin Lakes Safari Lodge

There are a number of activities to do while staying at Twin lakes safari lodge, Queen Elizabeth has so much to offer you while on your Uganda Safari. Activities to do while here include;

Game Drives: Game drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park offer some of the best wildlife sightings in Uganda and they are carried out in the Kasenyi plains which offers excellent game viewing across the open savanna. You set out for the game drive early in the morning as early as 6:00 am in the morning for chances of spotting some nocturnal species before they go into hiding and generally start the day off early. Wildlife to look out for on the game drive include Elephants, cape buffaloes, lions, Uganda kobs, warthogs, spotted hyenas, leopard, hippos etc.

Boat Ride on Kazinga Channel: The boat safari along the kazinga channel is a highlight while in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The 32 km Kazinga channel inter connects Lake Edward and Lake George. The boat ride is a rewarding 2 hour experience that is best done in the afternoon and offers sightings of animals as they come to the drink water and cool off. Sightings include large herds of elephant and buffalo, crocodiles, hippos, water monitor lizards, water bird species and antelope species.

Tree Climbing Lions in Ishasha: Ishasha is in the south western part of Queen Elizabeth National Park and the main attraction in this area is the tree climbing lions. The best way to view the tree climbing lions in Ishasha is on a game drive with your ranger guides. The lions can be seen hanging and relaxing in the fig trees while they escape the afternoon scorching sun and the biting flies.

Bird watching: With over 620 species of birds recorded at the park, Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of the best places in Uganda for a birding excursion. The park has more than half of Uganda’s bird species hence offering a fulfilling birding in Uganda experience. Birding is done in the open savanna area, along forested area trails for forest specials and along the Kazinga channel boat ride for water birds and papyrus endemics. Some of the species to look out for include – Sooty Chat, Yellow-throated Longclaw, Crowned Lapwing, Senegal Lapwing, Pin-tailed Whydah, Red-faced Cisticola, Moustached Grass-Wabler, African Harrier-hawk, Banded Snake-eagle,Yellow-billed Oxpecker, African Skimmer, African Spoonbill,Red-necked Spurfowl.

Chimpanzee Trekking and Nature walks in Kyambura Gorge: The Kyambura Gorge is part of Queen Elizabeth National Park is completely covered by forest and in this forest you find the chimpanzees. Kyambura Gorge is one of the areas where you can do the chimpanzee trek in Uganda. Other primates to look out for include the red-tailed monkeys, black-and-white colobus monkeys and forest bird species.

Visit to the Equator: Queen Elizabeth national park lies astride the Equator making it one of the areas in Uganda where you can visit the Equator and stop by for photos. The park lies between latitudes 30′ S and 15′ N and the 30°E longitude divides it into two portions.

Nature walks in Maramagambo Forest: Nature walks in the park are a great way to spend the afternoon while on safari. The nature walk in Maramagambo Forest takes you through the lush green forest as you look out for primates like the black-and-white colobus monkeys, red-tailed monkey, Vervet monkeys and Olive baboons.

Drive to the Explosion Crater Lakes: The park is well known for its explosion crater lakes that were formed as a result volcanic eruptions occurring leaving behind deep hollow depressions that were later filled with water hence forming the present day crater lakes. The park has a viewing point set on top of a hill where you have an expansive views of the crater lakes surrounded by lush green acacia trees and woodland.

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