The Manor at Ngorongoro Crater | A prime Luxury Safari Lodge

The Manor at Ngorongoro is a premium luxury lodge situated adjacent to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area offering a perfect blend of exquisite comfort and an English country side feel. Staying at The Manor offers one a home away from home experience filled with privacy, tranquility, great service and lush surroundings. The luxury lodge is elegantly built and decorated with beautiful antique décor pieces, stylish interiors and classic furniture and art. The interiors at The Manor at Ngorongoro are extra special, warm and cozy with wood burning fire places where you can sit and relax in the evenings.

The lodge is located in the North western part of Tanzania and sits within a 1500 acre Arabica coffee estate, the lodge can be described as one where intimacy intersects with countryside majestic charm. The Manor at Ngorongoro is a perfect accommodation for visitors on safari in Tanzania who are looking for a private luxury property as their base. Visitors to The Manor are usually drawn here by the amazing Ngorongoro Crater. The property is adjacent to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area so you easily access and drive to drive into the crater for game viewing. The striking beauty of the Ngorongoro Crater with its spectacular scenery and abundance of wildlife has led to it being declared as one of the natural wonders of the world. The conservation area is made up of other sections that encompass the Eastern crater highlands with volcanic mass and extensive craters and the lower-lying plains in the Western side which are an extension of the Serengeti eco system.

Accommodation at The Manor

The lodge features beautiful cottages that are representative of Cape Dutch-style architecture with warm well-lit interiors that feature elegant furnishings. The Manor at Ngorongoro has 10 cottages (18 suites), the suites offers different room types that include deluxe suites and twin suites that feature two beds. A family cottage that works perfectly for families travelling together is also available and it accommodates a total of six people, a double bedroom and a twin bedroom is part of the family cottage. All the rooms at The Manor are spread out across the property so you are assured of much needed privacy while on safari. The rooms all offer beautiful views of the coffee plantations or the lush green gardens.

Each room at The Manor at Ngorongoro consists of;

A comfortable bed/s with clean white linen bed sheets, plush pillows and warm duvets.

A spacious En-suite bathroom well stocked with bath essentials and featuring underfloor heating, a shower, a soaking bath tub, a flush toilet, clean towels, his & hers wash basins, and mirrors.

Hot and cold running water available throughout the day.

Bathroom robes and slippers

A digital safe.

Two  chairs in the room next to the fireplace.

A wood burning fireplace that is lit on cold nights as areas next to the Ngorongoro Crater get cold and windy at night.

A courtyard and private deck with stunning views of either the coffee plantations or the lush green gardens. The deck has comfortable chairs where you can sit, relax and unwind.

PS: The family cottage which is much larger in size than the other cottages features a large living room, a TV room with satellite channels, a children’s playroom and sofas for seating.

Facilities and Services at The Manor

Swimming Pool – The lodge has a swimming pool at the property which is an ideal place to relax especially after a long day of safari in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The pool area features sun loungers and some umbrellas and is private as it is surrounded by a stone wall garden.

Dining room – The Manor’s dining area is located at the lodge’s main area which is centrally located. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is excellently prepared and served by the amazing chefs at the lodge, the meals are extra fresh as the chefs source some of the food from the organic garden on the property. The kitchen caters to all dietary requirements and the culinary experience is amazing with delicious International cuisine and African cuisine options on request. Meals can either be had in the elegantly furnished dining or outside in the lodge gardens where the staff usually set up nicely, we usually recommend having some of the meals outside for a great mix of indoor and outdoor dining.

Library and Gift shop – The lodge features a library with great informative books about wildlife in Tanzania, the Ngorongoro Crater and field guides as well. The gift shop features wonderful artistic décor pieces, beaded jewelry and other locally sourced items/crafts, it a great place to stop by for some quick shopping during your stay.

Bar – The Manor features a well-stocked bar situated at the lodge’s main area, premium wines, spirits and beers are available here. The choice is up to you whether you are looking for a pairing wine for dinner, a cold beer or a cocktail the staff at the bar is ready to get you your desired drink.

Spa and Sauna – The Manor has a spa on the property that offers rejuvenating massages as well as holistic therapies. After a long day of transfer or activity in the conservation area you can stop by the spa for a relaxing peaceful time.

Other services at the lodge include Wi-Fi in the main area, ample car parking space, a spacious lounge and maximum security available 24 hours a day. The Manor is also surrounded by an electric fence to protect visitors at the lodge from game.

Our Review

The Manor at Ngorongoro is what we consider as “a luxury intimate lodge.” Given its Cape Dutch-style architecture and ambiance the safari lodge offers intimacy and a great feel of the countryside, it’s indeed a home away from home. The food is great especially the five course dinner, the staff members are excellent and committed to making one’s stay memorable.The suites are clean, spacious with a nice touch of stylish décor pieces. The Manor is unique hence offering something different from the other camps in Ngorongoro and other conservation areas in Tanzania.

Attractions and Activities

Game Drives: What better way to explore the Ngororongoro Conservation Area that on a game drive. Game drives are most definitely the best way to experience Ngorongoro Crater with great chances of excellent game viewing with a mix of beautiful expansive views of the crater. Start out the day with a delicious early breakfast at the lodge then head out in search of the Big Five, large mammals, Herbivores, birds of prey and other wildlife in the crater area. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area is famously known internationally for its excellent and rewarding wildlife sightings so prepare for a memorable experience!

Bird watching in Ngorongoro: For the specialist birder, Ngorongoro Conservation Area offers incredible bird watching opportunities as the area is home to over 500 species of birds. Chances of seeing a variety of species including forest birds, water birds, woodland specials, endemic and nearly endemic species are very high. The conservation is an Important Bird Area (IBA) and a key destination for ornithologists from across the world. Areas of birding in Ngorongoro Conservation area include the Crater rim for montane forest birds, Lake Lagaja for water species, Masek at the western end of Olduvai Gorge, a lake in the Empakai Crater and Gorigor which is a fresh water swamp on the eastern side of the Crater floor.

Horseback riding – The Manor has a stable with horses and a pony which children can ride. The horse riding activity is offered to guests and it takes you through the coffee plantations and the neighboring areas, while on the ride you are accompanies by an instructor and the trail offers incredible views of the landscape. The horseback riding activity usually ends with a picnic lunch at the property that is nicely set up by the lodge staff.

Hot Air Balloon Safari: The hot air balloon safari is a unique way to explore the Ngorongoro Conservation Area as it offers one an opportunity to watch the wildlife from a bird’s view. The balloon safari is magical as it takes you over the crater and you are able to view the wildlife from above and also experience the sections of the crater that aren’t accessed by car. The balloon safari begins quite early at around the hour of 6 am and is a worthwhile safari adventure offering stunning views from atop.

Cycling and Visit to the coffee plantations: The lodge offers cycling excursions upon request and these involve cycling through the estate and the coffee plantations. The cycling is perfect for adventure enthusiasts and guests who like a bit of activity while on safari. The lodge also offers visits to the coffee plantations that can start right at the lodge, you walk to the plantations, get a glimpse into how coffee goes through process of planting, harvesting and finally to your cup. You can end the activity with coffee tasting.

Visit the Maasai: The Maasai are a famous ethnic Nilotic-speaking tribe in Tanzania and known for their fearsome warrior culture. A visit to a Maasai village brings you closer to the local people and also offers you a glimpse in to their culture and way of life. The Maasai are also known for their colourful traditional wear that consists of colourful sheets and beaded jewellery as well as their interesting traditional dance that involves jumping up high. The Maasai live outside the Crater but the management of the conservation area allows them to graze their animals around the crater rim. The Maasai are majorly pastoralists and have a strong attachment to their livestock. This visit involves visiting their homesteads that are dotted with grass thatched manyattas, spending time talking to the elders and visiting their communities.

 Empakaai Crater Hike: The Empakaai Crater is a 540m deep crater that is also a major crater aside from Ngorongoro and is part of the conservation area. The crater is less known but a very rewarding site worth visiting as it has one of the most stunning views in East Africa, the view from the crater rim offers great picturesque moments. The Empakaai Crater was formed by the volcanic collapse that shaped the crater highlands and features a 60m deep soda lake which covers half of the crater area. The soda lake attracts a large flock of flamingos which like to feed on the algae found in the alkaline lake. The hike up to the Empakaai crater rim is a perfect and alternative way to spend time exploring the diverse Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

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