Endiro Coffee Fort Portal

In the heart of Uganda’s tourism city, you find Endiro Coffee Fort Portal which happens to be one of the best coffee shops in town. Endiro Coffee is a company dedicated to ending child vulnerability globally through coffee and has a number of coffee café locations in different cities/towns in Uganda. The Endiro coffee outlet in Fort Portal city was recently opened in October 2023 and the coffee shop is a perfect stop for a quick cup of coffee while visiting Fort Portal town, heading to Kibale Forest National Park for chimpanzee trekking or driving through the town on your way to other parts of Uganda.

About the Coffee Shop

Endiro Coffee Fort Portal is a reasonably sized yet intimate coffee shop with large glass windows letting enough natural light while giving you a beautiful view of the beautiful surroundings that include a small tree forest and the lush green nature along the Fort Portal – Kampala Highway. The coffee shop has a beautiful interior that features beautiful interior lighting, wooden tables and chairs where one can sit for a meeting since it’s rarely crowded or sit as they wait for their order.

The coffee shop has a menu that includes a number of items that you can order from House coffee classics to Endiro Signatures to Fresh juices to smoothies to milkshakes to tea and chocolate drinks. The beauty about Endiro Coffee is that it has something for everyone whether you are an ardent coffee drinker or a beginner coffee lover you can find something that works for you. The staff at Endiro Coffee Fort Portal are friendly and make a great cup of coffee!
Endiro Coffee shop in Fort Portal also offers snacks and pastries. These include freshly baked banana cakes, vanilla cakes, chicken/beef pies and samosas ( a triangular pastry with fillings that can include miced beef, chicken or peas, samosas are a common delicacy in East Africa.) Whether you are looking for a place to relax or munch on a savory/sweet snack while in Fort Portal town, this Endiro Coffee shop is a perfect choice.

In addition to the coffee shop there is a convenience store in the same building as the coffee shop that has a variety of items. These include salty snacks, biscuits, sweet snacks, cold fizzy drinks, alcoholic drinks (beers, wines) and groceries. The convenience store is great if you are looking to buy some snacks especially if you are on a road trip or looking to shop a few much needed essentials.

The Coffee shop also has coffee available for sale that can make for a great gift and also for home use. The coffee is carefully sourced from the local coffee farmers in Uganda by coffee professionals at Endiro coffee who are committed to offering their visitor a great and rich taste from each cup of coffee they take.


The cost of the coffee drinks, juices, smoothies and milkshakes vary as there is of course as each one person usually has a preference. Prices of the drinks range from Ugx. 6000 ($1.54) to Ugx. 20,000 ($ 5). Prices of the snacks and pastries range from Ugx. 5000 (approximately $1) to Ugx.20,000 ($ 5). The prices in the convenience store vary depending on what one wants to purchase. Below is a photo of the Endiro Coffee Fort Portal menu in Ugandan Shillings;


Endiro Coffee Fort Portal is strategically located at Shell Fuel Station along the Fort Portal – Kampala highway and is a 5 minutes’ drive away from the main town making it easily accessible if you are sleeping at a hotel in town. One can also choose to take a walk to the coffee shop from their hotel in town. If staying at a lodge in Kibale Forest National Park it’s a 25 minutes’ drive from the park to Endiro Coffee – Fort Portal. The location of the coffee shop is perfect for visitors who would like to refuel their cars as it is located at Shell Petrol station, one of Uganda’s most popular fuel stations.

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Below is a YouTube video show casing Endiro Coffee Fort Portal;

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