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Located just 3km away from Fort Portal City you find Nyaika Hotel, arguably one of the best hotels in the city. Nyaika Hotel is the perfect choice for a business traveler, a visitor on safari in Uganda and a visitor interested in staying at a clean comfortable accommodation facility. The hotel is dotted with beautiful lush gardens, key facilities and amenities as well as stunning views of Fort Portal.

Fort Portal City is a top tourist city in Uganda and welcomes a significant number of visitors each year. Visitors to Fort Portal are drawn by the numerous attractions within and near Fort Portal. The town is close to key attractions like Kibale Forest National Park that is famously known for the chimpanzee trekking adventure, Semuliki National Park which is an ideal destination for birding, “Amabere ga Nyinamwiru” caves which are a key attraction, Mount Rwenzori National Park that draws a lot of hiking enthusiasts and Queen Elizabeth National Park that is known for its abundance of wildlife. In addition to the national parks Fort Portal has other attractions of interest like the King’s Palace (Omukama’s Palace), Empaako Monument, Kasenda Crater lakes and local markets.

Nyaika Hotel is what one would consider as the perfect base for visitors visiting the rich town as it’s quite easy to get to some of the key attractions from the hotel. Nyaika Hotel is a 7 minute drive away from Fort Portal City and for the guest who would like to take a walk into town during their stay, it is a 25 minute walk from the hotel to the town. Although Fort Portal has achieved city status, it’s still a relatively small and quiet town so activity is present but not so busy. This makes Fort Portal one of the best places in Uganda to visit as its laid back, relaxing with lots of things to do.

Accommodation at Nyaika Hotel

The hotel features 65 rooms in total, all the rooms have a touch of modern décor with a warm interior set up. The views from the rooms are dependent on what room type you choose to book but in our view the rooms with the best views are the executive rooms on Block C and the deluxe rooms on Block B. The type of room you book is of course dependent on your preference.

Room types at Nyaika Hotel with the amenities in the room include;

Standard rooms

Standard room at the hotel

The standard rooms are located on Block B of the hotel which is located in the same building as the reception area. The standard room is the smallest in size at the hotel but however works well for the budget traveler. The standard room features a large comfortable bed with clean linen sheets, a satellite TV, an en-suite bathroom with a shower, a bowl sink, a hair dryer, clean white towels, a flush toilet, bathroom slippers, hair shampoo, shower gel and lotion. The standard room also features a mini fridge, complimentary drinking water, a notebook and pen, a reading desk and chair and storage space. The standard room however does not have a balcony, the room has large windows that let in natural light and offer a glimpse into the hotel gardens.

Standard Superior rooms

Standard superior rooms are much larger in size compared to the standard rooms and also feature a balcony that overlooks the lush gardens. The balcony has two seats where one can sit and take in the view of the surrounding areas.

Balcony view from the Standard Superior room

The Standard superior rooms feature a large comfortable bed, an en-suite bathroom with a shower, a bowl sink, hair shampoo, clean towels, complimentary drinking water, bathroom slippers, shower gel, lotion, a hair dryer, a mini fridge, a note book and pen, a reading desk and chair and storage space. Large balcony windows bring in enough natural light during the day. The difference between the standard room and standard superior room is that the standard superior room is larger in size and has a balcony

Deluxe rooms

The deluxe rooms have the best views and these rooms are spacious and beautifully arranged. The deluxe rooms feature two cozy wooden chairs where one can sit and relax. The bed is king sized and large with clean white linen bed-sheets.

Deluxe room 

In addition the deluxe room features a large en-suite bathroom with a bathtub and shower, a flush toilet, a hair dryer, hair shampoo. shower gel, body lotion, a dental kit, bathrobes, bathroom slippers, clean towels, a shower cap, a wardrobe, a tea and coffee making station, a satellite TV extra pillows, a ward robe for storage, a reading desk and chair. The deluxe room’s balcony has two chairs where you can sit and take in the stunning views of Fort Portal.

Deluxe room at Nyaika Hotel

Executive rooms

The executive rooms at Nyaika Hotel are situated on Block C which has a great view of the hotel lush gardens and the surrounding areas. The executive rooms feature a balcony with chairs, two cozy chairs inside the room, en-suite bathroom with shower gel, body lotion, clean towels, a dental kit, shower cap, hair shampoo, a hair dryer, a bathtub, a shower, wardrobe for storage, clean towels, a flush toilet, bathroom robes, bathroom slippers, complimentary drinking water and a tea/coffee making station. The executive rooms are similar to the deluxe rooms the only difference is that the bathroom features both a shower and bathtub.

The above are the main room types at Nyaika Hotel, other room types available include twin rooms which have the same amenities as deluxe rooms with the only difference being that you will find two separate beds in the room.

Twin room at Nyaika Hotel

Business suites are also available for the business traveler and the presidential suite which is the largest in size at Nyaika Hotel. All the rooms at Nyaika Hotel have air conditioning, a guest room phone, charging sockets (for a 3 pin charger) mosquito repellent and hot and cold running water is available throughout the day.

Facilities and Services

Swimming Pool – The hotel features a swimming pool which is open to residents of the hotel. The swimming pool has sun loungers that are great for relaxing and sunbathing. Changing rooms are available right next to the swimming pool and the staff always provide you with slippers and towels.

Swimming Pool at Nyaika Hotel

The swimming pool features a bar and restaurant so works well for a visitor who would like to hang out at the hotel and not necessarily stay in the room. The swimming pool restaurant has an a la carte menu where you can order meals like burgers, steak, French fries, sandwiches, wraps, grilled chicken and other types of food. The bar also offers local beers, wines, spirits and cocktails. Be sure to try the Blue Hawaiian cocktail in the afternoon!

Poolside bar

View from the poolside bar

Oasis Health Club – The hotel features a health club with steam and sauna facilities. The health club is where you find the massage parlor, the massage therapist at Nyaika Hotel is really good and we highly recommend her. The parlor offers Swedish massage, hot stone massage, foot massage, back massage, deep tissue and aromatherapy massage. The parlor also offers waxing services and facials.

Massage Parlor at Nyaika Hotel

The oasis health club features a gym and aerobic classes are available thrice a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) from 7:00 am – 9:00 pm.

Enguli Restaurant – This is the hotel’s main restaurant where most of the meals are served. Breakfast. Lunch and Dinner is served at this restaurant. Since it is a hotel on some days lunch will be buffet style however an a la carte menu is also available for guests who would like to order off the restaurant menu. Enguli Restaurant has enough seating areas and staff is always a stone throw away in case you need any assistance.

Isaazi Restaurant Bar and Grill – The Isaazi restaurant bar and grill is situated away from the hotel’s main area, the restaurant overlooks the lush hotel gardens therefore works perfectly for a quiet meal or drink. An a la carte menu is available as well as grilled meats. The restaurant bar serves local beers, wines, spirits and cocktails, the choice of drink is totally up to you. Isaazi restaurant bar and grill is adjacent to the swimming pool area.

Isaazi Restaurant surrounded by trees and lush gardens

Conference center – The hotel works well for companies and organizations that would like to hold workshops, business meetings, gala dinners and training as it has a well-equipped conference center. The center features a P.A system with two microphones, projector screens, a flip chart, writing pads, pens and comfortable seats. The center can either be booked for full day or half day depending on the duration of your activities.

Reception – The reception desk is always the first place you encounter on arrival at Nyaika Hotel. Here you meet the receptionist who takes you through a short briefing before calling on the staff to take you to your room. The reception is where you call or come to in case you have any questions throughout your stay.

Location of Nyaika Hotel

Nyaika Hotel is located in Fort Portal, Uganda. The hotel is located along Nyaika Avenue, Booma Hill and the hotel can be found using google maps.

Our Review

Nyaika Hotel is what we would consider a slightly modern mid-range facility. The hotel is definitely one of the best in Fort Portal, as much as the city is well known it’s still a growing city so finding accommodation is still difficult and standard hotels are rare to come by that’s why we recommend Nyaika Hotel as one of the best. Nyaika Hotel has clean rooms, friendly staff and the facilities make one’s stay even much more comfortable and memorable.

Is Nyaika Hotel family friendly?

Yes, Nyaika Hotel is reasonably family friendly mainly because of the swimming pool, if visiting with children they would probably enjoy the swimming. The hotel also has a provision of adding an extra bed to your room at an extra cost if visiting with children. Please note that the hotel has high rise buildings so keep an eye out for the children to avoid any mishaps.

Safety and Security

Nyaika Hotel is safe and the security at the property is tight. Security is available at the facility 24/7. The entire property is guarded and security cameras are available in the hotel’s main areas.

Top things to do in Fort Portal while staying at Nyaika Hotel

There are a number of activities to choose from while staying at the hotel which include the 1 Day Fort Portal City Tour, Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale Forest, 1 Day “Amabere ga nyinamwiru”caves tour, a visit to the Kasenda crater lakes and bird watching in Semuliki National Park. Fort Portal is rich in attractions so if you have time to spare there is always an attraction to visit.

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