Bwindi Lodge – Luxury Safari Lodge in Bwindi Forest

Situated at the edge of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Bwindi Lodge is the perfect accommodation to stay at while in Bwindi for your gorilla trekking adventure. Bwindi lodge is a perfect blend of tranquillity and luxury while on safari and offers the guest such stunning views of Bwindi Forest that can be enjoyed from the main terrace area or from the comfort of your cottage deck.

Bwindi Lodge by Volcanoes Safaris is located in south-western Uganda and is one of Uganda’s finest safari lodges and is loved by visitors for its accessibility as it is a few minutes away from the park headquarters which are is the starting point for the gorilla trekking activity and other park activities. The luxury lodge is situated in the Buhoma sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and on some days receives visits from the mountain gorillas that like to walk around the lodge.

The Lodge is well known for its magnificent views of Bwindi Forest with its lush green trees and thick vegetation with each of the bandas is set within the lush green forest. Staying at Bwindi Lodge is not only gives you comfortable lodging but also offers you a glimpse into the magnificent Bwindi Forest before fully exploring it on a gorilla trek in Uganda. From stunning views to excellent staff to delicious fresh food to cosy bandas Bwindi Lodge is definitely the place to be!

Facilities and Services

The Restaurant – Bwindi lodge has a restaurant that serves delicious fresh males made by the trained expert chefs at the lodge. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. There is always a chef’s special meal of the day that guests can enjoy however one is free to order anything else off their menu and it will be made right away. The restaurant also serves vegan and vegetarian meals and considers all their guest’s dietary requirements that are usually requested for beforehand after booking your stay. The Bwindi Lodge restaurant also arranges packed lunch for their guests going on the gorilla trek.

Bwindi Bar – The Bwindi Bar is the most famous bar in the Buhoma area and a great hangout place after your day’s needs. The Bar is located near the lodge and attracts guests from other lodges in the area so it’s a great place to make new friends and meet fellow travelers. The bar has trained mixologists that make the best cocktails and drinks. A perfect way to end your day while in Bwindi impenetrable National Park is with the signature passion fruit gorillini cocktail or a glass of wine at Bwindi Bar!

The Lounge – The lodge has a beautiful lounge area with comfortable chairs with colorful cushions, a central fire place and an outdoor terrace overlooking Bwindi Forest. This is one of the lodge’s most beautiful place as you can spend time by the fire place chatting over a glass of wine and snacks, enjoy breakfast at the terrace with a view of the forest and spot some wonderful birds that like to come to the surrounding areas of the lobby. Look out for the African Blue Flycatcher while here, a beautiful bird with a stunning blue color!

Bwindi Lodge Library – The well-stocked library at the lodge has a variety of book mainly books about gorillas, wildlife, Uganda, birds, primate behavior and ecology. For the avid reader the lodge library is a perfect place to spend time immersed in amazing books.

Humula Forest Spa – The lodge has a spa that offers various spa treatments and massage for guests. After your gorilla trek you can visit the spa for a facial, a body scrub or herbal face treatment. Alternatively you can opt for a massage, Humula forest spa offers different types of massage and these include deep tissue massage, Swedish massage and the famous Rungu massage.

Other services available at Bwindi Lodge include tea and coffee available at the restaurant throughout the day, snacks, laundry services, car parking space, Wi-Fi and maximum security.

Accommodation at Bwindi Lodge

Bwindi Lodge is made up of 10 bandas of which 8 of these are standard rooms and the other 2 are deluxe rooms. The cosy bandas feature beautiful interior and are very comfortable and inviting.

Each banda at Bwindi Lodge consists of;

  • 1 Large bed for the deluxe and standard rooms that has comfortable linen and clean bed sheets. In case guests request for a twin room the lodge arranged 2 comfortable beds in the room. An extra bed can be added for in the rooms for a child on request. The deluxe rooms are larger in size than the standard rooms.
  • Mosquito nets are available over each of the beds in the standard and deluxe rooms.
  • Hot water bottles are provided at night for guests as it tends to be very cold at night in Bwindi so water bottles are available to warm the bed.
  • Comfortable sofa with colorful cushions and a table with some books about wildlife and Bwindi.
  • Snacks that include cashew nuts, plantain crisps or groundnuts that are usually grown by the locals in the Bwindi area.
  • Fresh flowers on the table
  • Bath towels and bath robes
  • En-suite bathroom with a toilet, shower, a wash bowl, shampoo, lotion, shower gel and bathing soap.
  • Hot shower available throughout the day
  • A safe
  • Beautiful deck overlooking Bwindi forest with two lounge chairs and a table.

Attractions and Activities to do while at Bwindi Lodge

Bwindi Lodge is strategically situated for a number of activities in Bwindi National Park and the surrounding areas making it a great base for said activities. Activities that you can indulge in while staying here include;

Gorilla trekking: Spend time doing the famous gorilla trek in Uganda, this is the most popular wildlife adventure in Bwindi National Park and it brings one closer to the endangered mountain gorillas in the moist evergreen Bwindi tropical rain forest.

Bird watching: Bwindi national park is a birding hot spot and offers incredible birding opportunities including Albertine rift endemics and forest specials. Bwindi forest is home to over 350 species of birds with 23 of those being Albertine Rift Endemics. The most sought after bird in Bwindi is the African Green Broadbill an Albertine Rift endemic specie. Other highly searched for birds while on a birding safari include – Doherty’s Bushshrike, Rwenzori Apalis, Yellow-eyed black Flycatcher, Kivu Ground Thrush and Blue-throated Roller.

Munyanga River Trail: This is a short nature walk that takes you through Bwindi forest stopping over for some bird species, monkeys and by the river stream where you can capture some great photos. The guided nature walk starts at Bwindi lodge and you will most definitely see the sign on arrival at the lodge, it’s a perfect way to spend an afternoon while staying at the lodge.

The Waterfall Trail: The waterfall trail is a popular activity in Buhoma and takes about 3 hours to walk to the waterfalls. Once you get to the beautiful waterfalls you have an opportunity to take photos and then start the walk back to the lodge. It’s also a good way to explore the Buhoma section of Bwindi impenetrable national park.

Buhoma Community walks: The buhoma community walk takes for an experience of the culture and traditions of the local people living near the forest. The tribal groups in the neighbouring communities include the “Bakiga” and “Bafumbira”. The community walk allows you to spend time interacting with the locals as you visit a homestead where you can participate in local activities like millet grinding, visit a community school and spend time learning how traditional beer is made.

Cooking class at Bwindi Bar: This is another activity that one can do while staying at Bwindi lodge. The cooking class involves a glimpse into Ugandan cuisine and participating in making traditional Ugandan meals. The “Luwombo” traditional dish is an interesting one to learn as it involves a unique way of steaming food using banana leaves. The cooking class happens at Bwindi bar with the guidance of expert chefs from Bwindi Lodge.

Tea Tour: The tea tour is an activity that involves going out into the community for a glimpse in to how tea is grown, how workers from the community pick tea and how it goes through the process of value addition in Uganda. Guests staying at the lodge can choose to do a tea tour and taste various teas during the tour. This is arranged by Bwindi Lodge under the Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust.

Getting to Bwindi Lodge

Bwindi Lodge can be accessed by road or by Flight. The drive by road from Kampala the capital city of Uganda takes about 8-9 hours on the road and this is excluding the short stop overs along the way to stretch or grab lunch. The alternative way to access the park is by taking a scheduled flight with Aero Link Uganda from Entebbe International Airport or from Kajjansi in Kampala to Kihihi Airstrip that is situated near Buhoma. On arrival a driver guide picks you up and transfers you to Bwindi Lodge or the lodge arranges pickup from the airstrip.

The driving time from Kampala or Entebbe is long but is a rather scenic drive through Uganda. The journey takes you through the busy small towns of Uganda, beautiful green landscape, interesting landmarks like the Equator where you can stop for photos and then stunning views of the rolling hills of Kabale district as you approach Bwindi National Park.

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