Uganda Wildlife Authority shares UGX. 1.53 Billion With communities living around Queen Elizabeth National Park

The Uganda Wildlife Authority during the month of June 2024 released revenue sharing funds to communities living near and around Queen Elizabeth National Park. The Uganda Wildlife Authority which is shortened as UWA is the key founding body that conserves and manages Uganda’s wildlife resources within and outside protected areas. UWA has done a commendable job of conserving Uganda’s wildlife and protecting wildlife species in various conservation areas and national parks. The Uganda Wildlife Authority does this by partnering with other conservation bodies as well as working on its own to conserve and protect for future generations.

The revenue sharing officially happened on June 27, 2024, a total of UGX. 1,539,434,032 for financial years 2021/22 and 2022/23 was released to neighboring communities around Queen Elizabeth National Park..

Queen Elizabeth National Park is one of Uganda’s most famous national parks and protects a vast number of wildlife and bird life species. The national park located in western Uganda is home to 95 mammal species and 620 species of birds. A safari to Queen Elizabeth National Park involves a lot of activity from game drives to boat rides on Kazinga channel to explosion Crater Lake visits and so much more!

Of course just like any other conservation area there is usually need to sensitize the community on the importance of protecting wildlife, through its various community projects and engagements Uganda Wildlife Authority has done a commendable job in this area. One of the ways that UWA also maintains a good relationship with the neighboring communities is through revenue sharing, that’s why each visitor to any national park in Uganda including Queen Elizabeth National Park a percentage of their park entrance fees is channeled to the local communities and community projects. This promotes a sense of ownership and responsibility among local communities that surround the conservation areas.

The funds that UWA released to the neighboring communities around Queen Elizabeth National Park are intended to support and promote various community development projects that include healthcare, education, infrastructure and other initiatives that will be aimed at improving the quality of life for the residents/locals of the beneficiary districts. The funds were handed over to leaders of the 12 districts that share the boundary with Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Handover pictures courtesy of Uganda Wildlife Authority

Below is the press release from Uganda Wildlife Authority with more details on allocation of funds and beneficiary districts;



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