Singita Kwitonda Lodge – The Ultimate Luxury Lodge in Volcanoes

Nestled at the foothills of the bio-diverse Volcanoes National Park you find Singita Kwitonda lodge, a serene luxury lodge with spectacular views of the Virunga Mountain Ranges. The safari lodge is one of the top luxury lodges in Rwanda and is named after a legendary Silver back gorilla in Volcanoes National Park. Singita Kwitonda lodge offers a great blend of luxury and tranquility making for a perfect base while in Rwanda for gorilla trekking.

The lodge is strategically located 8 minutes away from the Kinigi park headquarters making it smooth for guests to connect from the lodge to the park headquarters for their activities of the day. Staying at Singita Kwitonda lodge is an ultimate experience filled with spectacular views, comfortable villas and great activities in Rwanda – “the land of a thousand hills.”

View of part of the Virunga Ranges from Singita Kwitonda

Accommodation at Singita Kwitonda Lodge

The lodge features eight luxurious suites that are beautifully decorated with decor from local artisans giving a feel of a warm and distinct interior. The suites are spacious and well equipped with all essentials that you would need throughout your stay. The suites are perfect for overnight stay, unwinding and for some downtime especially after gorilla trekking or other park activities.

Each suite at Kwitonda Lodge consists of;

A large bed with clean linen with a touch of monochrome colors.

Bedside table and lamp on each side of the bed.

En-suite bathroom with a flushing toilet, a bath tub, bath robes, bathroom sandals, bathing soap, shampoo, shower gel, a mirror and a large sink.

Hot and cold showers.

A private heated plunge pool.

Indoor and outdoor fireplace.

Large glass windows both in the main suite and bathroom which enable one to enjoy spectacular views of Volcanoes national park while relaxing in the room or taking a bath.

A private patio with comfortable lounge chairs.

A mini bar.

A walk-in closet.

A reading desk and chair on the opposite side of the bed.

Comfortable sofa inside the suite with colorful cushions.

An outdoor shower.

Complimentary drinking water.

Each suite has a room attendant that will be introduced to you during check-in.

Facilities and Services at Singita Kwitonda

 Restaurant – The lodge’s restaurant offers delicious and tasty meals making one’s stay even memorable. The Chefs at Singita Kwitonda are expert professionals dedicated to bringing you fresh delicious meals as they have received training from the Singita community culinary school. Breakfast, lunch, dinner is served as well as snacks available throughout the day at the treat table. The restaurant caters to all dietary needs of guests so if you are vegan, vegetarian, lactose intolerant or have any other requirements the kitchen caters to them. Singita also offers a farm to table experience as they have a vegetable garden present at the property.

Food served at the restaurant – always fresh and expertly prepared by the Chefs

Singita Wellness Center – The lodge offers wellness services for guests during which they can meditate, reflect, relax and reconnect to nature. One can choose a massage which is usually needed after trekking as a form of relax or go for holistic therapies, facials and healing treatments.  All the treatments are offered in the privacy of your suite or on your suite’s outdoor deck.

Trekking essentials – Singita Kwitonda is one of the few lodges that offers their visitors essentials for their trekking. For the gorilla trekking activity or any hiking trails the staff will give you gaiters, waterproof jackets, gloves, boots, reusable water bottles, hats, backpacks, water resistant hiking pants, poles, and packed lunch.

Yoga – The lodge offers Yin and Vinyasa yoga practice sessions and these are run by the professional yoga instructors at Singita Kwitonda, you can always book a session with one of the lodge staff. There is also a yoga mat in every suite with a card to guide one through a private and relaxing yoga session in the comfort of their room or outdoor deck.

Wine Cellar – Singita Kwitonda is well known for its beautiful wine cellar and for wine lovers and enthusiasts the wine cellar is perfect as you will always find the perfect wine to go with your meal here. The wine cellar has an assortment of world class and premium wines that have been carefully selected by the Singita skilled wine team in Stellenbosch.

Boutique and Curio shop – Dubbed with beautiful and unique pieces, the curio shop is a perfect feature at the lodge. Here you will find stunning sculptures, unique décor pieces, Rwandan art pieces, beautiful home ware and jeweller. Most of the items are made by the local craftsmen and you will be sure to walk away with perfect pieces for yourself, friends or family.

Akarabo Nursery – The lodge is big on conservation and has done a commendable job in pushing for the conservation of nature through campaigns and community projects. It’s therefore not shocking that they have a nursery on the property, the nursery mainly focusses on reforestation which creates a habitat for the endangered mountain gorillas.

Pottery Studio – Singita Kwitonda features a studio where guests can engage in the art of pottery, it’s a beautiful space to spark your creativity. It is a perfect place to spend an afternoon especially after your activities in the park. It overlooks the Akarabo nursery making the view of the lush greenery even more appealing for a creative pottery activity.

Attractions and Activities

Gorilla Trekking – The Gorilla Trek is the most popular tourism activity in Volcanoes National Park. Gorilla trekking is a worthwhile memorable adventure that brings you closer to the mountain gorillas spending up to one hour watching them and taking photos. If you traveled with a tour operator company your driver guide picks you up straight from the lodge and transfers you to Kinigi for your trek. If you are doing self-drive you can use google maps to locate the area from the hotel or even ask the staff at the hotel for directions.

A mountain gorilla seen while on the gorilla trek

Golden Monkey trekking – Golden monkeys are primate species with golden fur on their backs and interesting facial features, these primates exist in groups of up to 30 individuals and are rather active compared to gorillas. The trek which starts at Kinigi headquarters is less strenuous than gorilla trekking and requires average physical fitness. The monkeys are usually found in less than one hour of trekking with the guidance of park ranger guides. A 4 Day gorilla and golden monkey tour combines the two activities.

Diana Fossey Tomb Hike – The Diana Fossey hike is one of the activities around park and the 4 hour hike takes you to where she was buried. Singita Kwitonda lodge is a few minutes away from the Diana Fossey campus so you can just take a walk there. Diana Fossey was a researcher who spent a great deal of her life time researching the mountain gorillas and pushing for the conservation and protection of the gorillas. The current population of gorillas is highly attributed to her conservation work and commitment to preserving mountain gorillas.

Volcano Hiking – For travelers looking for adventure, Volcanoes National Park offers hiking opportunities with beautiful views. Visitors can choose among 4 main peaks out of the 5 Virunga mountain ranges to hike. The most popular is the Mt. Bisoke hike which can be done in one day; the hike offers breath-taking views of the Crater Lake at the top of Mt.Bisoke. The other volcanoes to hike include Mt.Karisimbi which is a 2 day hike, Mt.Muhavura and Mt.Gahinga.

Visit Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village – The Iby’Iwacu cultural visit is a great way to experience the way of the life of the Rwandans as you get a look in to their culture, traditions and norms. The cultural visit can be done after your gorilla trek depending on what time you return. While at the cultural village you will visit the traditional medicine man, a craft center and even be treated to the unique Rwanda traditional dances which you are free to join in.

Twin Lakes Visit – The visit to Rwanda’s twin lakes is a short yet rewarding trip that takes one to Lake Ruhonda and Lake Burera. The twin lakes offer you breath-taking views from the top and a glimpse in to the beautiful landscape of Rwanda. While here you can capture some great photos! This is a great attraction to visit in the afternoon.

Getting to Singita Kwitonda Lodge

By Flight

The lodge can also be accessed by taking a flight from Kigali International Airport to Volcanoes national park with Akagera Aviation which arranges charter helicopters to the park. The lodge can arrange pick up or your driver guide can pick you up at the airstrip and drop you off at the lodge.

By Road

The lodge can be accessed from Kigali by road and the distance from Kigali to Musanze district in Rwanda is 96km.The journey is along a paved road and is just two and a half hours away from Kigali when using a private car. The route is Kigali – Rubavu – Musanze – Singita Kwitonda lodge. The drive is scenic and offers stunning views of the panoramic landscape of Rwanda and the small busy towns along the way that are usually filled with locals busy with the day’s activities.

From Uganda

The lodge can also be accessed via Uganda. The connection is along a paved road from Kisoro in Uganda crossing at the Cyanika border post into Rwanda and then to Musanze town at the foothills of Volcanoes national park. The distance between Kisoro and Musanze is 40km.


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