Kigali Convention Center

The Kigali Convention center is a state of the art convention center situated in Kigali City, Rwanda. The convention center is testament of the excellent infrastructural development of Kigali city in Rwanda and has over the years become famous welcoming visitors to Rwanda who usually visit the center during city tours in Rwanda. The convention center is situated about seven kilometers west of Kigali International Airport and is just along the KN5 highway making it accessible both from the airport and the city center.

The Kigali Convention center features green beautiful gardens, paved walk ways and is in a large area so it takes some time to exhaust the entire center. The center is a perfect location for business conferences and the center has hosted monumental events including the 2022 Common wealth heads of Government meeting, the 2016 World Economic Forum for Africa and the African Union Summit in 2016.

Outside the Kigali Convention Center in Kigali

Amenities and Facilities at Kigali Convention Center

Conference Center

The Kigali convention center features a large conference center that is spacious enough for conferences, large gatherings and business meetings. The conference center has a seating capacity of 2,600 people. The conference center is well-equipped with retractable seats, well-lit meeting rooms and washrooms available close to the conference area for guests attending a conference. The conference center is one of the top amnesties at Kigali convention center and has over the years hosted large meetings and gatherings in Kigali.

Kigali Convention Center

The Radisson Blu Hotel – Kigali

The Radisson Blu hotel situated at the convention center is a five star hotel that features 292 rooms and is the perfect accommodation option for delegates or guests in Kigali for conferences or meetings at Kigali Convention center. The hotel is a perfect mix of comfort-ability and privacy offering guests a wonderful time while in Rwanda. The Radisson Blu hotel has different room types available for booking and these include double deluxe rooms, King rooms, Twin rooms and standard rooms. All the rooms at the hotel are en-suite with comfortable beds, clean linen, hot showers, spacious bathrooms and room essentials like soap, shampoo, lotions and shower gels. The hotel in addition has a well-stocked bar that serves an assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well as a restaurant area serving delicious food.

An Information Technology Park and Museum

The convention center features an information technology park that is made up of office space for rent and retail space for businesses. The information technology park has been a great tech hub for Rwanda and provides space for a number of businesses operating in Rwanda. Kigali Convention center also has a museum that is found at the IT park ground floor where one can visit the museum as they spend time indulging and learning more on the museum artifacts.

Kigali Convention Center is a popular landmark in Kigali and is definitely worth a visit while on your Rwanda safari. The center is an important business, technology and luxury tourism hub so experiencing it on a city tour is a great way to get a glimpse into the infrastructural development of Rwanda.

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