Gorilla Habituation Experience in Uganda

The gorilla habituation experience is rather detailed experience with the mountain gorillas that gives one an opportunity to spend more time with the gorillas in the forest. The gorilla habituation experience brings you closer to the gorillas as you spend 4 hours with them, this is more time spent as opposed to the gorilla trek in Uganda. Gorilla habituation is a process that is done by trained park rangers and experienced researchers and habituation involves spending time with the gorillas in the wild as they get them used to human presence without feeling threatened or feeling attacked. The gorilla habituation process can take up to 4 years or even more after which the park rangers and guides declare a gorilla family fully habituated (this means it is now open to visitors for gorilla trekking.)

The gorilla habituation experience is therefore a fulfilling encounter as it brings one in to the world of gorilla habituation in the wild as you journey along with the park rangers and researchers and get to spend more time with gorillas, watching them and learning about them.Expect to encounter gorillas that might behave in a different manner, avoid close contact, not acknowledge your presence or decide to hide, this is all part of the experience as these gorillas are usually semi-habituated and still undergoing the habituation process.


What is the cost of the Gorilla Habituation Experience Permit ?
The gorilla habituation permit costs $1500 for a Foreign Non-Resident.
For a Foreign resident cost is $1000.
For an East African Citizen cost is Ugx. 750,000.

Where does the Gorilla Habituation Experience take place in Uganda ?
The gorilla habituation experience takes place in the Rushaga sector of Bwindi Impenetrable national park. Rushaga is located south of Bwindi national park and is the only place in Uganda where you can do gorilla habituation.

What level of Physical fitness should I have to do the gorilla habituation experience ?
Visitors interested in gorilla habituation experience in Uganda should be physically fit and capable because opposed to gorilla trekking, the gorilla habituation experience requires more physical fitness. This is because these gorillas that are undergoing habituation move quite a lot and are sometimes fleeing so they tend to be situated in different sections which means you have to move distances to locate them that’s why you have to be fit to move around in search of them.

How is the Gorilla Habituation experience different from Gorilla Trekking ?
The gorilla habituation experience is different from gorilla trekking in Uganda in terms of time spent with the gorillas. For the gorilla habituation experience you spend 4 hours with the gorillas while on a gorilla trek you are allowed to spend only one hour with the gorillas.

The gorilla habituation experience is more physically demanding than the gorilla trek as with habituation the gorilla families tend to travel around the park more often. However the gorilla habituation experience is still doable as long as one has prepared physically beforehand.

Can I do both the gorilla trekking and gorilla habituation experience while on safari ?
Yes you can. The gorilla habituation experience and gorilla trekking adventure can both be done and included in your itinerary. The itinerary will have one day where you do the gorilla trek in Uganda and another day where you do the gorilla habituation experience in Uganda.

What should I carry for my gorilla habituation experience in Uganda ?
Hiking boots – these you will need because the terrain in Bwindi national park tends to be slippery and muddy especially in the rainy season so hiking boots are ideal and much needed. The hiking boots should be of good quality and water resistant.

A Backpack – a light back pack is needed to carry our essential items like binoculars, camera, phone, batteries and packed lunch that is given to you at the lodge in the morning.

Insect Repellent – You should also pack insect repellent because there are insects that are likely to sting or cause body rush so insect repellent is very essential for protection.

Camera and extra batteries – since it is a trek we recommend you carry your camera so that you are able to take photos and capture some memorable moments while gorilla trekking in Uganda. You should also pack extra batteries that will come in handy in case the battery runs out while on the trek.

Clothing – You should pack a long sleeved shirt and long trousers. In addition you should carry a rain jacket just in case it rains while in the forest you can wear it over you clothes to protect you from the rain.

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