Golden Monkey Trekking in Rwanda

Golden monkey trekking is a prime tourism activity in Rwanda that brings one closer to the active and witty golden monkeys. Golden monkeys are tracked in Volcanoes national park Rwanda, one of Rwanda’s finest national parks. Visitors to the park can decide to combine gorilla trekking and golden monkey trekking while on their Rwanda Safari. The golden monkey trekking adventure is an activity we recommend and is usually enjoyed by visitors to Rwanda because of the unique character and features of the golden monkeys.

Golden monkeys are primate species with golden fur on their backs and a fascinating face. Golden monkeys exist in groups of up to 30 individuals and there are 2 habituated troops of golden monkeys in Volcanoes national park. One group is in the bamboo forest of Mt. Sabyinyo and the other group is on the slopes of Mt. Karisimbi which are both part of the Virunga Mountain Ranges. Both groups are open to visitors and available to visit in accordance to the park guide lines.

Golden monkeys are endangered mammals and have been listed as an endangered specie on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. The population of the golden monkeys over the years has faced major decline because of intense human activities and illegal extraction of bamboo which is the main food for the golden monkeys but thanks to Rwanda’s ongoing intentional conservation efforts ,Volcanoes national park has recorded increase in the population of the golden monkeys with a total of about 4,620 individuals.

Details on the Golden Monkey Trek in Volcanoes National Park

The golden monkey trek happens once a day at the park and the starting point is at Kinigi park headquarters. Once at the head quarters you are assigned a ranger guide and placed in a group available for tracking that day. At Kinigi headquarters the briefing from the ranger guide is done and basically the session involves information about golden monkeys, park guide lines and what one should expect while trekking. Golden monkeys are a beautiful sight to behold and the experience of watching them in their natural habitat is one for the books. Being active primates the session of seeing them is also rather active and busy and calls for wonderful photo moments.

Golden monkeys eat about 21 plant species so their diet mainly involves plants primarily leaves, bamboo shoots, fruits and small insects. While on the trek you can have an opportunity to watch them munch on bamboo shoots which seems to be their favorite food and capture some good photos or video. According to the park guide lines you are allowed to spend one hour with the golden monkeys after which you return to the starting point as you end the trek. The trek also offers an opportunity to look out for wildlife and birds resident to Volcanoes national park Rwanda.

How much does it cost to track Golden Monkeys in Rwanda ?

The golden monkey trekking permit in Rwanda costs USD 100 per person per day. One can purchase the golden monkey trekking permit from Rwanda Development Board (RDB) which is a government department that merges all major government agencies .Other visitors choose to visit with a tour company to make all round arrangements that involve permit booking, lodge booking, car and transport hence planning the entire trip. The beauty about the golden monkey permits is that they are flexible to purchase unlike the gorilla trekking permits that require advance booking, the permits can even be acquired on the day of tracking. Guests usually on safari for gorilla trekking in Rwanda usually end up going on a golden monkey trek due to the flexibility of permits.

How to prepare for Golden Monkey Trekking in Rwanda

Physical Fitness
The golden monkey trek is a manageable and easy hike so one does not require intense physical preparation to go on the hike. The golden monkeys in Volcanoes national park live at the bottom of the Virunga mountain ranges so the terrain is easy to navigate and the dry bamboo leaves on the ground create a relatively dry surface to walk on. Being at the bottom of the mountain ranges the land is flat.

What should one pack for the Golden Monkey Trek in Rwanda?
In order to be well prepared for the trek we recommend that you pack some items so that you are well prepared for the golden monkey trekking adventure. These items include;
A rain jacket
Hiking shoes
Sunscreen and a Hat
Camera with extra batteries
Long sleeved pants and shirt
Insect repellent
Back pack for carrying your belongings

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