Singita Sasakwa Lodge | The Ultimate Luxury Experience

Nestled atop the Sasakwa Hill, Sasakwa lodge is the ultimate luxury lodge amidst a privately owned reserve overlooking the Serengeti Plains. The luxury lodge is elegantly decorated and features Edwardian interiors with opulent light filled rooms, stunning ornamental décor pieces and brown wooden floors making it the perfect choice  while on safari in Tanzania. The lodge is a great blend of tranquility, exquisite comfort and exceptional high end service.

The best part about the lodge is the uninterrupted views from the lodge, step out of the lodge main area and step into an incredible view of the vast Sabora Plains. The sunrise and sunset here is one for the books. Sasakwa Lodge is managed by Singita, a South African company that operates and runs private game lodges in Tanzania, Rwanda, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Singita Sasakwa is situated in Grumeti Reserve to the west of the Serengeti National Park and the privately owned reserve is managed by Grumeti Reserves, a non-profit organization with the main focus of conservation of wildlife and nature. The organization is involved in a number of community projects, education programs dedicated to educating the surrounding communities about conservation and is also involved in health projects that benefit the locals who live just outside the reserve. The reserve is quite large covering an area of 1,500 square kilometers with an abundance of wildlife making it an essential part of the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem.

Accommodation at Singita Sasakwa Lodge

The luxury lodge offers ultimate comfort in its nine cottages that offer one the much needed privacy and exclusivity while on safari. The cottages feature great amenities, a warm ambiance and delicate ornamental accessories typical of an Edwardian Manor. Different room types are available which include deluxe cottages, single occupancy cottages, a private villa and family cottages with interconnecting rooms. The cottages have been elegantly decorated with a touch of carefully selected ornaments, decorative ceilings with a large chandelier and clean polished wooden floors.

Each cottage at the Singita Sasakwa Lodge consists of;

A large four poster bed with clean white bed sheets, a duvet, a mosquito net and plush throw pillows.

A spacious En-suite bathroom well stocked with bath essentials and featuring a shower, a flush toilet, clean towels, his & hers wash basins, and mirrors.

An in-room safe.

A hair dryer.

A private plunge pool.

A wood burning fireplace.

A wrap around terrace with comfortable chairs where you can enjoy uninterrupted views of the Sabora Plains.

Bedside tables with bedside lamps on each side of the bed.

A reading desk with a chair and reading lamp.

A private bar.

All the cottages at the safari lodge have been built in a way that prioritizes intimacy, privacy and luxurious comfort while on safari. On arrival at Singita Sasakwa you are assigned a private butler who is available throughout your stay to attend to all your inquiries.

Facilities and Services

Infinity Swimming Pool – The lodge features a large infinity swimming pool situated just a few meters away from the lodge’s main area. The beauty about the pool is that it overlooks the Serengeti Plains offering you an expansive view of the area. The swimming pool is a perfect place to relax, take a dive in the pool or simply relax around the area especially after a long day of activity.

Dining Area – Featuring spectacular decoration with stunning locally crafted and Edwardian décor, the dining area at Singita Sasakwa is simply perfect and offers a great ambiance to have your meal. The culinary experience at Singita Sasakwa is one for the books as it features delicious tasty meals prepared by the lodge’s expert chefs. The presentation of the food is almost similar to what you would expect from a five star restaurant in Europe. Different options that include International and Signature Tanzanian dishes are available and the immersive kitchen caters to all dietary requirements.

Wellness Treatments and Yoga – Picture having a rejuvenating massage in the midst of a game reserve after a long day of travel or activity. The spa at the lodge is worth visiting as it offers holistic treatments and rejuvenating therapies by the skilled therapists on site. You can choose to have the treatments at the spa or in the comfort of your cottage/villa. Singita Sasakwa is also great for yoga as you immerse yourself in the meditation and realign yourself with nature, instructors are available to guide you through the experience upon request.

Safari Shop – Singita Sasakwa has a safari shop where you can stop by for some shopping if you are up to it. The safari shop has a number of local crafts, African inspired décor pieces, stunning jewelry, fine art prints and many other little decorative pieces that you can acquire. It’s a great place to purchase some gifts/souvenirs for yourself, friends or family.

Fitness Center – A fitness center is available at Sasakwa Lodge for guests that would be interested in working out while on their stay. The fitness center is well equipped with stationary bikes, treadmills and other work out machines so one is assured of a great work out.

Complimentary Internet Access – Wi-Fi is available at the lodge for guests who would like to check their emails or update their social media. Please note that since the area is remote the internet connection is sometimes not as fast mainly because of the reserve’s location.

Bar – A  well-stocked bar is available at Singita Sasakwa with premium wines, spirits, liquor, French champagne and local beer brands. The choice of drink is really up to you whether you are in need of a glass of wine, a cocktail or a cold beer, the staff is available to get you just that.

Our Review Sasakwa Lodge 

Singita Sasakwa Lodge is what we consider as “an ultimate luxury lodge”. The safari lodge is a typical five star property with great amenities and exceptional service. The food is delicious, the rooms are intimate and private and the views are incredible. Sasakwa Lodge is also one of the top luxury lodges that we recommend for Honeymoon clients mainly because it features the “Hillside Suite” which is a bespoke private cottage offering much needed privacy for two. The safari lodge is very high end and is sometimes fully booked out by celebrities and returning guests so we always advise booking way in advance in order to find room.

Attractions and Activities

Great Migration: The Great Migration is the most popular attraction in The Serengeti and it happens each year. The Great Migration is a magical wildlife encounter that involves visitors watching thousands of zebras and wildebeest as they cross from the Serengeti to the Mara, this unique encounter involves seeing the struggle that animals go through as they traverse the waters filled with crocodiles ready to hunt them. The Great Migration usually happens between June and October and it involves dense numbers of wildebeest, zebras, and antelopes travelling long distances from Northern Serengeti in Tanzania up to the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. The River crossings are not predictable as it is a natural wildlife encounter but it normally happens between the months of June – August. Sasakwa Lodge is one of the best properties in Tanzania to witness the migration.

Game drives: Game drives are the top activities while here and can be done twice a day, usually you do the morning and afternoon game drive. Morning hours offers the best sightings mainly because the first hour of daylight provides opportunity to see the predators on the move so it’s best to have an early or packed breakfast from the lodge so that you start out your day much earlier (6am). Spend the day exploring The Serengeti which has a dense population of wildlife and other habitats in the park’s ecosystem that usually have herbivores and predators like lions present searching for the day’s hunt. The game drives also offer one spectacular views of the expansive grassland plains of The Serengeti, a true African spectacle.

Hot Air Balloon Safari: The hot air balloon safari in Serengeti offers stunning views of the national park and wildlife in The Serengeti. It is such a magical and fulfilling adventure that takes you around the park while experiencing it from a bird’s view. Singita Sasakwa offers the perfect base for hot air balloon safaris that go atop Sabora Plains and the expansive Serengeti Plains.

Guided Safari Walks: The safari walks offer an opportunity to track animals in the wilderness on foot. The safari walks are done with expert field guides who take you on a journey into the bush. It’s a great way to learn and follow closely the animal tracks as well as enjoy the lush magnificent landscape.

Stargazing – The sky by night at the Singita Sasakwa Lodge is stunning and the stargazing activity is one of the best ways to experience the night sky. The stars are crystal clear at night and experiencing this in the midst of the wilderness is magical.

Community Visit – The community visit is one of the activities that we usually recommend to our guests as it is a great way to spend time with the communities that live at the edge of the Grumeti Reserve. You can visit the Grumeti Fund Environmental Education center where local secondary school students and their teachers learn about the role that every individual plays in minimizing their impact on the earth’s limited resources, you also can visit other community projects supported by the Grumeti Fund and the RISE Center (Research and Innovation for the Serengeti Ecosystem. The RISE center creates tools and solutions to address conservation issues and challenges that we are currently facing.

Visit the Anti-poaching Canine Unit – The unit can be visited by guests to be taken through the conservation efforts by the Grumeti Fund in the reserve. Guests get to meet the dogs, watch a live demonstration of the tracking skills and interact with the handlers as they learn about the anti-poaching methods that the handlers use.


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