Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge

Nestled atop the Kyabatero Hills is the stunning Serengeti Serena Safari lodge, a mid-range property located in the Seronera circuit of Serengeti National Park. The safari lodge makes for a perfect base while on safari in The Serengeti and is a beautiful lodge with Masai village inspired grass thatched dome structures. Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge has been built in a way that it blends in with the environment with rooms spread out across the property amidst acacia trees. It offers the perfect wilderness experience in its most authentic form!

Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge is managed and run by Serena Hotels which is an award winning hospitality company that operates resorts and high-end hotels in East Africa, Southern Africa and South Asia.

Accommodation at Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge

The lodge features 65 elegantly decorated rooms with key amenities that one would require for a comfortable stay. In addition to the standard rooms, Serengeti Serena Safari lodge features one suite  – the suite is larger in size than the standard rooms. Different room types are available including double rooms. twin rooms and triple rooms upon request, the lodge is child friendly and accommodating to family travelling together so interconnecting rooms are also available. The beauty of the lodge is the location of the dome shaped rooms that are each perched amidst the acacia trees and lush green gardens.

Each room at Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge consists of;

A comfortable King sized bed or in case of a twin room two comfortable standard beds with clean white linen bed sheets, warm bed covers and plush pillows.

En-suite bathroom with bath essentials, a flush toilet, clean towels, a bowl sink with a mirror and a shower.

Hot and cold running water throughout the day.

An in room safe and telephone.

A luggage rack with extra storage space in the wardrobe.

Bathrobes and bathroom slippers.

Complimentary drinking water.

A reading desk and chair.

An umbrella and fan.

Bedside tables.

A tea and coffee making station.

A Patio with two director’s chairs. On a lucky day you might spot some wildlife from the patio however its advised to only use it during the day and avoid sitting out at night.

Facilities and Services

Swimming Pool – The lodge features a large swimming pool overlooking The Serengeti Plains, the pool arguably has the best view at Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge. The pool features sun loungers which you can use to bask in the sun and a pool attendant is always onsite to cater to any requests. The swimming pool area is a great place to relax and unwind especially after a long day of activity.

Dining Area – Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge features a dining area where all the meals are served, the elegantly decorated dining area is located centrally and easy to access from the rooms. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is served daily buffet style, sometimes an a la carte menu is available during dinner but usually due to the large groups the lodge prepares a delicious buffet even at dinner. The kitchen caters to all dietary requirements you just have to let the lodge staff know before hand, a number of tasty options are available. The dining area has two levels with an outdoor terrace so you can decide to dine inside or outside.

Reception and Gift shop – The lodge’s reception area is the first place you encounter on arrival, the beautifully adorned reception is where you are welcomed to the property by the lodge staff who then check you in. This is the place you come to or call from your room in case you have any requests throughout your stay. The staff is however very attentive and will most likely attend to your requests without you even having to go to the reception. In addition the safari lodge has a gift shop with beautiful locally sourced crafts, beaded Maasai jewelry and other cute little items, it’s a great place to stop by to purchase some souvenirs or gifts.

Bar and Lounge – The lodge’s bar and lounge is cozy with comfortable seating and adorned with African inspired pieces from the Maasai inspired wooden carved stools to the wall decorations. The bar at the lodge offers international and local beers, premium wines and cocktails so the choice of drink is really up to you.

Other services at the lodge include room service, massage upon request at an extra cost, ample car parking space and security available 24 hours a day.

Our Review

SerengetI Serena Safari Lodge is what we consider “a great mid-range facility.” It makes for a perfect base while on safari in Tanzania as it is located in the Seronera Area of Serengeti which has an abundant concentration of wildlife so the game viewing is spectacular. The lodge also has great staff all committed and dedicated to making each guest feel welcome. For other guests the overall design of the safari lodge might feel a bit outdated however we still consider it a great safari lodge and base for safari.

Attractions and Activities

Game drives in The Serengeti: Game drives are one of the top activities to do while on safari in Serengeti National Park. The park is best experienced while on full day game drives in the park that start in the morning and run throughout the day. Morning hours offers the best sightings mainly because the first hour of daylight provides opportunity to see the predators on the move so it’s best to have an early or packed breakfast from the lodge so that you start out your day much earlier (6 am). Spend the day exploring the central circuit of The Serengeti which has a dense population of wildlife and other habitats in the park’s ecosystem that usually have herbivores and predators like lions present searching for the day’s hunt. The Serengeti is also known for its rocky hills known as kopjes where you can usually find wildlife like the klipspringers, hyraxes, and leopard as well as nesting raptors. The game drives also offer one spectacular views of the expansive grassland plains of The Serengeti, a true African spectacle.

Great Migration in Serengeti National Park: The Great Migration is the most popular attraction in The Serengeti and it happens each year. The Great Migration is a magical wildlife encounter that involves visitors watching thousands of zebras and wildebeest as they cross from the Serengeti to the Mara, this unique encounter involves seeing the struggle that animals go through as they traverse the waters filled with crocodiles ready to hunt them. The Great Migration usually happens between June and October and it involves dense numbers of wildebeest, zebras, and antelopes travelling long distances from Northern Serengeti in Tanzania up to the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. The River crossings are not predictable as it is a natural wildlife encounter but it normally happens between the months of June – August. The Great Migration season is a magical wildlife spectacle and it is advisable to plan for the trip a year in advance as it tends to attract visitors from across the world to witness the migration.

Bird watching: Birding in The Serengeti is a worthwhile adventure especially for specialist birders as Serengeti National Park is an Important Bird Area (IBA) making it possible to tick off endemic bird species. The site is also a hot spot for migratory birds especially during the months of November and April. Birding happens in different habitat areas in The Serengeti including open savanna plains, around perennial rivers like the Mara and Grumeti, in the evergreen woodland areas and around Lake Ndutu. The most sought after birds while on a birding safari in Serengeti include the Usambiro barbet, Fischer’s Love bird, Grey-breasted spurfowl and Grey-crested helmet-shrike.

Cultural Tours (Maasai Village Tour): The Maasai are a famous ethnic group of Tanzania and known for their fearsome warrior culture. A visit to a Maasai village brings you closer to the local people and also offers you a glimpse in to their culture and way of life. You will be taken through the history of how they used to live in The Serengeti before the conservation area was officially gazetted as a national park.The Maasai are also known for their colorful traditional wear that consists of colorful sheets and radiant beaded jewelry as well as their interesting traditional dance that involves jumping up high.

Sun downers and Bush Meals: Serengeti national park is a perfect destination for bush meals amidst Tanzania’s largest and oldest national park. With its open savanna plains and scenic landscape,  the park offers perfect spots for bush breakfast, a private picnic or bush lunch all while enjoying expansive views of The Serengeti. The staff at Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge are fantastic when it comes to setting up for bush meals.

Hot Air Balloon Safari: The hot air balloon safari in Serengeti offers stunning views of the national park and wildlife in The Serengeti. It is such a magical and fulfilling adventure that takes you around the park while experiencing it from a bird’s view.

Drive to Retina Hippo Pool: The Retina hippo pool is located in Central Serengeti and offers the best chances to watch hippos as they cool off and relax in the pool. The hippo pool also attracts other wildlife species that like to forage near the area hence offers great sightings and wonderful photo moments. The Retina hippo pool is situated where the Seronera and Orangi rivers interest and about 200 hippos can be seen meddling in the waters.

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