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The Kampala night life is known for being active, vibrant and fun. Visitors to Uganda can spend a fun night in Kampala with friends for an experience of the typical Ugandan night life. One of the ways people in Kampala city spend time is by attending Live Band sessions at different bars in the city. Live bands in Kampala are a good way to meet the locals, have a glass of wine or bottle of the famous local gin “Uganda Waragi” as you listen to some good music in a lively night bar.

Live band in Kampala is perfect for visitors interested in relaxing while having an experience of the Kampala night life. Live band is more chill and set up in such a way that one can sit, have a drink, enjoy music and occasionally stand up to dance. So the decision to dance all night or dance once in a while is all up to you. The Kampala bars are spread out across the city so they are accessible by Uber or SafeBoda (a motorcycle mode of transport in Kampala) from your hotel or alternative place of stay. The Safe Boda app can be downloaded from app store or play store on your cellphone device. The Kampala night life is vibrant and easy to navigate because of the easy accessibility to bars and hangout spots.

Below are some of the Best Live Bands in Kampala that one can attend;

Abeeka Band

Abeeka Band is one of the best and top Live band in Kampala, the band is made up of a group of talented friends that came together to create a live band. The group plays at different spots in Kampala, at weddings and special occasions. A night with Abeeka Band is filled with good music and a fun filled time making it a great way to spend a night in Kampala. The band attracts a large number of Ugandans on specific nights and can be a good way to connect with the locals. Ugandans are known to be friendly and welcoming people so you will be sure to make some friends and meet new people if that is something you are up to.

Abeeka Band has a weekly schedule so the live band plays at different locations in the city throughout the week. On Mondays Abeeka band plays at The Villa Bar in Bukoto, on Tuesdays the band plays at Balboa Lounge in Kisaasi, on Wednesday they play at The Maze restaurant and bar in Mbuya, on Thursdays the band plays at Nexus Lounge in Najjera, on Friday at Lazio bar and restaurant in Kololo, on Saturday at The Patio restaurant in Bukoto and on Sundays the band plays at Catwalk in Kololo. All these locations can be accessed by use of google maps.

Vanessa and The Band

Vanessa and the Band is an amazing band with a woman as their lead singer. The band is known for playing great local and international music with a sweet melodic touch by Vanessa’s powerful and beautiful voice. The band is relatively small so they offer such an intimate performance each time they play at the different bar locations in Kampala city.

Vanessa and The Band also plays throughout the week however the band is best experienced on Sundays at Wild Coffee Bar on Seventh Street in Industrial Area Uganda. On other days the band plays at the The Villa, Bukoto on Wednesday, Molecule Gastro Plot 18. Impala road Kampala on Tuesdays, Central Perk bar Plot 882 Old Kira road, Bukoto on Fridays and Fast Sports Fusion Bugolobi, 5th Street Industrial Area Uganda.

D Maestroz Band

D Maestroz Band is a lively band that is well known for its ecstatic performances and energetic vibe, the band features young and talented musicians who are bound to make your night life experience in Kampala Uganda worthwhile. The live band is a subsidiary of Maestro Studios Ug and has Daniel Kaweesa as one of its members, Kaweesa is a talented vocalist with a melodic powerful voice and was the Season one winner of Coca Cola Rated Next – East Africa’s biggest singing competition. The vibrant players at D Maestroz band attract gatherings of Ugandans looking to spend their evenings out catching up with friends over a glass of wine or a bottle of beer as they dance the night away.

D Maestroz’s band is best experienced on a Thursday as they play at Protea Skyz Hotel in Naguru by the poolside, the poolside arrangement is perfect for a relaxing evening and can be a great way to spend time if a visitor is spending their night at Protea Skyz Hotel. The live band also plays at X Hub bar in Najjera a suburb in Kampala on Sundays, On Fridays the band plays at Chamberz Lounge and restaurant in Ntinda and twice or once a month the band plays at The Patio in Bukoto. D Maestroz Band has a flexible schedule and they sometimes play on other days of the week so the best way to keep up to date with them is to check out their social media page on Instagram.

Roots Band

Roots Band is one of Kampala’s finest live band which was formed by talented veteran musicians Henry Tigan, Tuff B and Chagga. The live band is well known for its great live performances and always draws in crowds whenever they perform at a location in Kampala. Roots band has great guitarists, singers and pianists and the combination of all this always leads to an amazing night. Roots Band though very good is a hard band to come by as their schedule is sometimes limited so the band plays at certain locations only once a month. The best way to catch the band is to follow Tuff B on Instagram for updates so that you secure and plan for the live band performance in advance. Roots band plays at Chamberz Lounge in Ntinda, La Venti Bar in Najjera, Silverback Lounge in Makindye and Vegas Chillout in Mpererwe Tula road.

Point to note: All the live band locations mentioned above are available on google maps. You can also book a table if you want to be closer to the band, booking is done by reaching out to the bars or restaurants directly via their cellphone contacts that can be obtained through their social media pages/websites. The cost of booking varies depending on the establishment. Alternatively if you are not interested in booking a table you can get to the bar as early as 7:00pm so that you can secure good seats closer to the band. The starting time for most of the live bands mentioned above is 8:00pm apart from Abeeka Band that usually starts at 9:00pm.

Below is a Roots Band live performance video at Chamberz Lounge in Ntinda;

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