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Cafe Javas is one of the best restaurants in Kampala city and this is evidenced by the amazing reviews from their customers and the always talked about excellent service. Cafe Javas Uganda is a chain of restaurants that is spread across Kampala city and offers a variety of delicious fast food meals. Cafe Javas is a perfect stop over for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a quick cup of coffee while in Kampala, Uganda. The restaurant has a number of locations making it easy to access from your hotel, lodge or your location while on your Uganda safari.

You can choose to visit the restaurant physically or order your food online through Jumia Food Uganda, an online food delivery service with a downloadable app off App Store for iPhone or Play store for android devices. The restaurant chain boasts of consistent delicious meals that are served hot and a diverse menu providing great options for the customer.

Cafe Javas Menu

Cafe Javas offers an a la carte menu that features a number of meals. The restaurant offers meals for the vegetarian, vegan and the customer who prefers meat dishes.


Café Javas has the best breakfast options in Kampala and a variety of options are available for a customer visiting Café Javas. The restaurant refers to them as breakfast combos as they come with a cup of your preferred choice of tea or coffee and a glass of freshly squeezed juice. The juice is a nice addition to the breakfast combos as Uganda is well known for its fresh fruits that are organically grown so the juice has a fresh and sweet taste. Customers can order for watermelon, passion fruit, mango, pineapple mint or cocktail juice.

The breakfast options at Café Javas Uganda include;

The breakfast pancake sampler that features fluffy American pancakes, roast potatoes, sausages, baked beans and your preferred choice of eggs.

The Loaded chapati combo that features chapati which is a famous Ugandan snack, chapati is made of baking flour, salt and water and is rolled flat then fried. Chapati is like the flat bread and is used to make the famous Ugandan street food known as “rolex” that is made of a chapati and eggs. The loaded chapati combo comes with eggs, roast potatoes, green vegetables and sausages.

The CJ’S House breakfast is another great breakfast option and is very filling and is the most ordered breakfast item on their menu. The house breakfast combo has eggs of your choice, bacon, eggs, roast potatoes and toasted bread.

The CJ’S fit breakfast combo is available as well and is a good breakfast option before you hit the gym or after. The combo involves fresh avocado, roasted plantain known as “gonja” in Ugandan local dialect, grilled chicken breast, poached eggs and steamed spinach. Café Javas breakfast has great options and all these mentioned above come with a side of tea/coffee and juice.

Lunch and Dinner

Café Javas is a great place for lunch or dinner and one has a lot of options on the menu to choose from. If you are a lover of French fries be sure to order the loaded fries with minced meat off their menu. The lunch menu options include starters and appetizers, generous big meals and dessert which includes a variety of freshly baked cakes or ice cream.

The lunch options include sandwiches, Caribbean jerk chicken which is a famous meal at Café Javas loved by many, salads, chicken and beef curries, pasta, sizzling chicken and beef meals, pizzas, burgers, grilled tilapia a common fish type in Uganda, fresh soups for starter and kiddie meals for the youngsters. Café Javas has a number of options and you can choose to have a generous meal or a quick bite for lunch or dinner.

Cafe Javas Outlets

Café Javas has a number of locations spread out across the city and they can all be accessed via google maps. These include Café Javas at City oil Kamwokya next to Acacia mall, Café Javas at Lugogo mall, Café Javas along Bombo Road after the Wandegeya traffic lights, Café Javas Kampala Boulevard branch, Café Javas along Parliamentary Avenue and Café Javas Entebbe at Victoria mall. The restaurants are all strategically located and there will always be a location next to your area of stay.

Why Cafe Javas ?

One would wonder why choose Café Javas as a restaurant of choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner? It is because Café Javas is very accessible from your hotel or area of stay, if staying in places like Kololo or Naguru in Kampala you can even walk to a nearby location. Café Javas has excellent service from the staff and the food comes in under 10 minutes making it a perfect stop for a quick meal. The restaurants also have a large space and comfortable interior making it great for work meetings, lunch meetings or friendly catch ups. Café Javas outlets also have charging areas and Wi-Fi available for customers who would like to catch up on work while at the restaurant.

Café Javas has also maintained a consistency of good food over the years so you are assured of a fresh tasty meal while at the restaurant. This has been the best review from customers that go to the restaurant – the consistency of the taste of their food.

Cost of meals at Cafe Javas

The cost of the meals at Café Javas vary depending on your preference.

The cost of the meals range from Ugx. 8000 (Usd.2) for snacks/ bites – Ugx. 51,000 (Usd.14) for big generous meals as of October 2023. So depending on your preference you can plan within the above mentioned range for a meal at Café Javas in Uganda.

Café Javas in Kampala Uganda is a great restaurant to try out while visiting Uganda and you will be assured of excellent service and tasty food!

You can watch the video below for more on Cafe Javas;

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